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Our Educational Vision

The Educational Vision Statement for Suburban Temple – Kol Ami was adopted in September 2005.  It is reviewed regularly to ensure that our educational program meets our vision. 

We affirm that our goal is to develop forms of education that will support and challenge all learners to become educated Reform Jews who:

Engage with Torah as the Jewish people’s ongoing, creative and sacred search for meaning and purpose in life.

Develop a living and personal Judaism by integrating the moral and spiritual values of Judaism throughout the life cycle, during times of grief, discouragement and joy.

Develop a personal relationship with God that deepens their own spirituality through exploration of the full range of Jewish understandings of God.

Celebrate Shabbat, festivals and life cycle events as families and as members of Suburban Temple-Kol Ami.

Cherish and Study Hebrew, the language of the Jewish people.

Appreciate the values embedded in תפילה t’filah (prayer) and develop the skills to comfortably pray at Suburban Temple-Kol Ami.

Engage in תיקון עולם tikkun olam (repair of the world) by assuming moral responsibility for the Jewish people and the global community, and by transforming that responsibility into action.

Proudly Celebrate and positively express their Jewish identities as American Reform Jews and as committed members of Suburban Temple-Kol Ami.

Feel Personally and Historically Connected to the people, land and State of Israel as members of כלל ישראל k’lal Yisrael (the community of the Jewish people).

Respectfully Understand that all expressions of Judaism enrich Jewish peoplehood.