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a new way to make new friends


Our connections to family, to ST-KA, and to each other help make us who we are. They provide the support we need. They fill-us with the laughter that makes life rich. They create opportunities for new memories. Even with the occasional meshugge moments.   

 But making connections can be hard. 

That’s why ST-KA created Chaverim, a new way of bringing congregants together. We’ll pair you with another congregant and send you both a “starter kit” to make things easier. There’s no right way to participate in Chaverim. It’s however you want to connect. And, after a few times, if you don’t want to continue, that’s OK too. 

 How Will Chaverim Work? 

1) Just email Rabbi Vann.

2) You will be paired with another member of the congregation.

3) After being paired, you’ll be sent a document to support the connection: conversation starters; ways of discovering shared hobbies and interests; and suggestions ways to get to know one another, especially during the pandemic.

4) Together, you’ll decide on what works best - phone, Zoom, social distance get-togethers.



Wed, December 6 2023 23 Kislev 5784