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Trimester 2 Learning Session 1 - 9:25-10:20

Trimester 2 Classes Run from November  5th to December 17th.  

Class Name


Age Group 

  • What Would Hillel Do?

    Rabbi Hillel was one of our greatest sages, and his advice is timeless.  In this class we will discover his wisdom and how it applies to our lives today.


Instructor:Rabbi Shana

11th Grade - Adult

  • Chocolate

    The wish for a sweet year is not just for Rosh Hashanah – we can experience sweetness all year long. Come create chocolate pieces for some of our Jewish holidays. Sure to be fun and delicious!


Instructor: Lori Rosenberg




***as of 10/17/17 This class is now CLOSED *****

3rd Grade - 7th Grade

  • The Long and Winding Road: Our Personal Journey with Judaism

    Using Jewish texts and Judaism in pop culture as prompts, we will create our life stories, or part of our life stories, through writing or visual art.


Instructor: Deena Nyer Mendlowitz


  • And You Shall Teach it to Your Children: Parent Child Hebrew

    From aleph to tav and beyond, come learn to read Hebrew as a family! This class is a year-long commitment. By signing up you will take this class in the first learning session all three trimesters. YOU MAY ONLY SIGN UP IF YOU HAVE ALREADY TAKEN THIS CLASS IN THE FIRST TRIMESTER.


Instructor: Linda Wolfe 

5th and 6th Graders and Parents

  • 50 YEARS LATER-THE JUNE 1967 WAR: How It Changed Jewish, Israeli and Middle Eastern History:

    With relevance for both teenage students and adults who, in the midst of continuing sharp public disagreement about Israeli/Palestinian issues, may either not know or have forgotten the story of the Six-Day War and its profound impact on Jews around the world as well as on Israel.


Instructor: Loree Resnik

11th Grade - Adult

  • Israeli Dance

    More than just the Hora – come learn the old standards and the new hits!


Instructor: Stuart Meyer

6th Grade - 12th Grade

  • We Will Learn, and We Will Do for Teens!

    In this hands on class we will learn about Jewish sources for the values by which we live, and then put those values into action through service projects.


Instructor:Julie Pilloff

6th Grade - 10th Grade

  • We Will Learn, and We Will Do for Kids!

    In this hands on class we will learn about our Jewish values, and about how we can use our Jewish values to help make the world a better place.


Instructor:Laura Barnard

Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

  • Hear My Prayer

    Whether spoken, sung, silent or signed, God hears all our prayers.  In this class, learners will discover another way to talk to God – through sign language! 


Instructor:Karen Schiller and Clergy 

3rd Grade - 7th Grade

Trimester 2 Learning Session 2 - 11:05-12:00

Trimester 2 Classes Run from November  5th to December 17th.  

  • All In!

    In this engaging class the power is directly in the hands of the learners. They will be given containers, each with items that illustrate a different Jewish theme. Using puzzles and challenges like those found in an “escape room,” the learners must be “all in” to crack codes and solve problems to be able to access videos, websites, people and more.



Instructor: Justin Passov and Alan Hazzard

6th and 7th Grade FAMILIES

  • Tu, Tu, Tu No Kanana Hora: Jews and Their Superstitions

    Through cooking, art, and drama we will learn about the wonderful world of golems, hamsas and evil eyes.



Instructor:Diane Greene

8th Grade - Adult

  • Yoga Can be Jewish?

    This class will combine Jewish prayer and texts with yoga movement for a unique physical and spiritual learning experience.


Instructor:  Bri Adamson


  • Saying Hineini and Yes And: Improv and Jewish Values

    Have an awesome time learning improv comedy exercises and games and how they relate to our ideals as Jews. Includes a fun end of class performance in January.


Instructor: Deena Nyer Mendlowitz

Kindergarten - 7th Grade

  • Lego My Holidays: If you Build it, They Will Come

    In this class learners will build scenes out of Legos for each of the holidays. Additionally, they will make videos to creatively explain their scenes and a music video for each holiday.


Instructor:  Shayna Mell





All Ages

  • Happy Birthday Israel! – Movies

    In honor of Israel’s 70th Birthday, this class will explore the great movies that come from our homeland.


Instructor: Ori Akrish




7th Grade - Adult 

  • Life is a Song, Sing It.

    Learn some of your favorite songs from T’filah (services) and some of the best of today’s Jewish music.  You will also prepare a song to perform as a group at our showcase in January.


Instructor: Nancy Perillo




4th Grade - 7th Grade 

  • B’tzelem Elohim -We’re All Made in God’s Image:

    Through play, art, story, and more families K-3rd grade will explore how we each reflect the Divine image


Instructor: Rabbi Vann




Kindergarten - 3rd Grade FAMILIES

  • There’s Always Enough for Seconds!

    From Kugel to charoset, you will learn how to make classic Jewish dishes, how to add a modem twist and some new favorites that are sure to become classics!


Instructor: Susan Merdler



Only 6 Openings Left!!!




All Ages 

  • The Jews and Their Books

    Jews have long embraced their identity as “the people of the book.” But outside of the Bible, much of the Jewish literary tradition remains a mystery to nonspecialist readers. In this learning session, we will explore the book, The People and the Books, which shows how central questions and themes of our history and culture are reflected in the Jewish literary canon. A copy of the book will be provided to all learners.


Instructor:  Dr. Dave Aron



This is a continuation from Trimester 1, however Trimester 1 is not a pre-requisite. 

11th Grade-Adult

  • Torah Tots

    This program is for our youngest learners. It will be available all morning and will include child care and age-appropriate fun Jewish learning.


Instructor: Rachel Weinstein 




0 - PreK Learners 

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Sun, October 22 2017 2 Cheshvan 5778