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Innovative Lifelong Learning for Everyone

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Moving beyond textbooks, Our Tent engages learners in conversations and immersive experiences helping life long learners lead richer Jewish lives

Our program for younger students, older students and everyone in between is innovative

It features peer and multigenerational classes fostering community, a variety of topics encouraging diverse perspectives and worship bringing everyone together

Lifelong learners delve into topics to gain a greater sense of mastery- leading to a richer sense of Jewish identity

Our Tent goes beyond its classes with opportunities beyond Sunday morning, with meaningful Shabbat experiences, a popular and transformational retreat, and a theme—this year it’s Hineini (Here I am)- that thoughtfully weaves together learning, experiences and conversations

Classes, Teachers, and FAQs

Download our ONE-PAGE OVERVIEW of the OUR TENT program.

Download a copy of our LEARNERS' HANDBOOK/FAQs.

What People Are Saying

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ST-KA Lifelong Learning:
The Middle School Perspective (VIDEO)

ST-KA Lifelong Learning:
A Long Time Member Shares Experiences (VIDEO)

Tue, October 20 2020 2 Cheshvan 5781