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Founders' and Past Presidents' Shabbat - August 25, 2023

Big Backyard Birthday Bash - August 27, 2023


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75th Anniversary Bulletin

75th Anniversary Coverage in the Cleveland Jewish News

On Thursday, August 17, 2023, the Cleveland Jewish News published an article highlighting the 75th anniversary of ST-KA!

Suburban Temple-Kol Ami to celebrate 75th anniversary

A Letter to Our Congregation

Dear Congregants of Suburban Temple-Kol Ami:

In spring of 1948, the climate in cities across the United States was complicated.
Anti-semitism remained a part of the landscape, and many American Jews were
balancing the difficult dynamic of assimilation and spiritual heritage.

That March, the founders of The Suburban Temple filed articles of intent and held the
first meeting of incorporation. They were Cleveland-area professionals across many
disciplines, though had yet to be accepted by leading organizations. They belonged to
several area synagogues, but sought a more fulfilling experience. They were brought
together by the desire to create a place for their children to grow up with a world view
of Judaism. After what was likely two or more years of planning, this group had a vision
for a post-World War II America, with a Jewish education and experience that was
relevant, accessible, and innovative.

A temple member, whose parents and grandparents were among the organizers, was a
small child when these talks were happening in the family’s living room:

“I was conscripted by my parents to open the door and take coats, when
meetings were at our house…A lot of people came, and it was a lot of coats. I didn't
understand all they discussed, but I knew it was a serious enterprise. Something
momentous was going on. It was kind of electric, the forming of Suburban Temple…”

Starting this spring, we will celebrate this impressive trajectory. We will trace the arc of
Reform Judaism in America, and the creation and current landscape of the State of
Israel as it, too, marks its 75th year. Just a month after the inaugural meeting of
incorporation of Suburban Temple, — in April 1948 — the State of Israel was founded.
Dreams for a modern Jewish homeland were realized.

We will hear from families of our temple’s founding members, from our past presidents,
from guest speakers and artists-in-residence. We will have books to read, picnics and
parties to attend — each with the imprimatur of what makes our congregation uniquely
us. And above all, we will celebrate!

For the many different reasons Suburban Temple may have been created, these tenets
have carried us through through the years: that anyone who wishes to participate in
Jewish life is welcomed; that each of us has a different way of expressing our Jewish
selves. Together as a community, we take pride in our temple of today, and we plan for
our temple of the future.

Our temple member continues:

“For my family, its a tremendous example of l’dor v'dor. Some of us at temple
follow an earlier generation; all of us welcome new generations. It’s the essence of what
it means to honor the past while building a future; exactly what it means to go from
strength to strength.”

Happy Birthday, Suburban Temple-Kol Ami!

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This year marks our 75th Anniversary.

From Strength

In 1948, The Suburban Temple was created with the belief that a Jewish way of life
can and should be accessible and available to everyone. No exceptions.

We were the first temple in the region to embrace interfaith practices.

To Strength

We’re not a one-size-fits-all kind of place.
Our programs and initiatives strive to answer this question:
how do we meet each and every member and walk alongside
with enrichment, encouragement, and engagement?

We remove any and all barriers to participation.

To Strength

Our congregation is led by a rabbi and senior staff who can know each of us.
Together, we develop programs that are pioneering, inspiring, and award-winning.


We are responsive to time and place. We read the room.
And we offer unparalleled opportunities like Our Tent and Open Doors.

Chazak, Chazak, V’nitchazek

As we plan for the decade ahead, we stand on the shoulders of the innovators
who envisioned an intimate and responsive religious environment.
Here, we pursue our spirituality as individuals, and we come together as a community
that embodies the best of progressive Reform Judaism.

May we celebrate the past as we look to a fulfilling future.

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Save the Dates!

Friday, March 1, 2024 - Guest speaker, Dr. Rachel Gordan, will speak about 75 years of Suburban Temple - Kol Ami and the impact of ST-KA on Reform Judaism and Cleveland.  

Rabbi Vann’s Bat Mitzvah Year at ST-KA!
Celebrate her 13th year in ceremony, song + style with Guest Artist Dan Nicholls
Friday, April 12 - Sunday, April 14, 2024

And watch The Temple Times for additional programming to include authors, art,
alumni, talks and time together during this historic year.

Fri, March 1 2024 21 Adar I 5784