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Favorite Moments from Members:

“We thoroughly enjoyed services.”

– Robin Greenwald 

“ see the actual text was very meaningful.” 

– Blair Haas 

“Rabbi Vann’s sermons”

– Carla Newberry 

“Kol Nidre service.  It was beautiful as usual...I could see each participant close up on my screen.”

– Rene Klein 

“Loved the music for the holidays. Background music, cello player playing in the sanctuary, both choirs and able to see their facial expressions up close.”

– Ellyn Ross 

“We also appreciated Rabbi Vann’s and Deb Rogers’ contributions to the services, the beautiful backdrops, and the personal journeys that were shared.”

- Sue and Rudi Hoffman 

Word Cloud from Chats:

Always meaningful.

The High Holy Days are eternal, central to our faith, and beautiful markers on the path from one year to the next. The High Holy Day season is rooted in community practices and individual traditions.

This year COVID-19 impacted the High Holy Days just as it’s changed everyday life. Different, however, didn't mean that the moments to stand in awe were less profound or the opportunities to come together any less inspirational. 

The sections and links below show that this year was just as thoughtful, joyful, and creative as what you’ve come to expect from Suburban Temple – Kol Ami. 

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...Yom Kippur Morning 2020

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For great overviews and deeper explorations, explore these sites and downloadable resources -

If you would like overview and deeper explorations with filtered through a distinctly Jewish sense of humor, head here:

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Sun, June 13 2021 3 Tammuz 5781