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Always meaningful.

The High Holy Days are eternal, central to our faith, and beautiful markers on the path from one year to the next. The High Holy Day season is rooted in community practices and individual traditions.

This year COVID-19 will be impacting the High Holy Days just as it’s changed everyday life. Different, however, doesn’t mean that the moments to stand in awe will be less profound or the opportunities to come together any less inspirational. The Board, clergy, and staff of Suburban Temple-Kol Ami are deeply committed to making this idea a reality – but in doing so, we’ve had to make hard choices. We sought wisdom from Jewish values including the highest and holiest, pikuach nefesh, saving a life. The wisdom of pikuach nefesh led us to the difficult decision that this year’s High Holy Day services will be observed at home, online. This decision was made after seeking the counsel of local and national medical and scientific experts, clergy and lay leadership. With heavy hearts we concluded that it’s not safe to gather in large groups at the Temple.  As members who have attended online Shabbat Services and have experienced Zoom programming over the last few months can attest, the ways we’ve come together as a community are far more powerful than the word “virtual” might connote. We’re been far apart but, in many ways, even closer. 

The sections and links below show that this year will be just as thoughtful, joyful, and creative as what you’ve come to expect from Suburban Temple – Kol Ami. Services and holiday programs will be anchored in our traditions; we will have new opportunities to experience the season—and we will, together, create moments of comfort and intention.

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Thu, October 1 2020 13 Tishrei 5781