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Passover is one of the most widely celebrated festivals in the Jewish world. Research has indicated that the home-based ritual, combined with the food and storytelling are three key factors to the popularity of the holiday. The leading factor, the research shows, is that we personalize Passover because we cherish something that is personal to us, or to our family, we are more likely to return to these celebrations again and again. For example, in more recent years, using a matzah cover made by my son has become very important to me. Or, in some families, generational recipes—brisket or charoset—is handed down from grandparents or parents. There are the times that we weave in new traditions with old favorites. The beauty of Passover is that it is every expanding, allowing us to embrace our own personal traditions alongside the rituals of the festival, each co-existing in spiritual joy.

Each year we recite at the seder the rabbinic charge, “B’chol dor vador, chayav adam lir’ot et atzmo k’ilu hu yatza miMitzrayim”: In each generation, we are obligated to see ourselves as if we were the ones who were liberated from Egypt.

This is, for me, our primary Passover text- the text urging us to be experiential and creative. If we are to experience, in every generation, the idea of freedom from slavery, we have to create experiences that would be relevant. So, over time, we’ve continued to live out this obligation with words, song, taste, symbols—and more.

I’d love to hear what you are doing this year for your Seder! 
      - Rabbi Allison Vann

Rabbi Vann has written this Torah column for submission in the Cleveland Jewish News, where it can also be found online. 
Wed, April 24 2019 19 Nisan 5779