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Suburban Temple-Kol Ami is a warm, welcoming Reform Jewish community building a vibrant Jewish future rooted in acceptance, spirituality, and creativity.



You can download the form here: and send in your payment...

...or you can place your order by phone at 216.991.0700!

Strawberry: $4 / half dozen
Apricot: $4 / half dozen
Chocolate: $4 / half dozen
Poppy seed: $4 / half dozen
Fruit Mix (3 apricot & 3 strawberry): $4 / half dozen
Classic Combo (3 poppy & 3 apricot): $4 / half dozen
Indulgence (3 chocolate & 3 strawberry): $4 / half dozen 
Whole Megillah (3 of each flavor): $8 / dozen

OUR TENT: Trimester Three is now in session!

Looking for ways to contribute to Our Tent?

Our Tent brings together our entire congregation on Sunday mornings to learn togetherOur Tent is for adults and children, young and the old and all of us in between. It’s for those who want to learn together with all age groups, and for those who want to learn with their peers. It’s for those who prefer to learn through a book or lecture, and for those who want to learn through experience and expression of their creativity. It’s for thosewho want to explore history and those who want to dream about the future.

You can help to make this happen!  There are several ways to donate to Our Tent .

For $72 you can sponsor a Sunday Breakfast

For $360 you can sponsor 1 full class for a trimester

For $72 you can sponsor a single class

You can also do a Tribute in Honor of a Teacher!

To find out about other options, please email Rabbi Shana or Brett Shankman

Sponsor Our Tent 

TORAH TALK: weekly words from the Rabbi


In Parshat Ki Tisa, we read the famous incident of the Golden Calf.   Moses has been up on Mount Sinai for some time now receiving the Ten Commandments, and the newly free Israelites are beginning to panic that he is not coming back.  They are losing faith in a God they cannot see and in a leader that has seemingly disappeared from sight, so they revert back to what they know from Egypt, which is the worship of visible idols that represent gods.  Sometimes seeing is believing, and sometimes we have to have faith in that which we cannot see.

Here is a video from BimBam and the team at G-dcast with a perspective on this week’s Torah portion: 

Parshat Ki Tisa: Seeing the Golden Calf

Rabbi Shana Nyer

Thu, February 21 2019 16 Adar I 5779