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What Is It? 

gatherings are small group conversations and experiences to build relationships and deepen connections within our congregation.

gatherings provide opportunities for ST-KA members to create, engage in, and explore new relationships by participating in small group conversations and experiences around common interests.

Topics may include architecture, Jewish biographies, sports, Jewish thought, global warming and movies with a Jewish theme to list a few.

Please email Rochelle with registration questions.

Who Can Participate & What Will It Look Like?

gatherings are available for adults in groups of 5-15 members. There may be some offerings available for families/kids.

A group member will facilitate the conversation or experience.

Meetings may be either in-person or over Zoom.


The first pilot gatherings were created by congregants Elissa Katz & Lori Rosenberg along with ST-KA’s J.B. Davis and with input from Temple members. We also spoke to other synagogues across the U.S. doing similar programming.  Today, gatherings is co-chaired by Susan Gordon Merdler and Ellyn Ross.

Upcoming gatherings:


Hike & Kibitz 

Our community is filled with beautiful parks, easy trails and walking paths. We’ll visit both fan favorite locations and explore some lesser-known areas. Of course, the conversation and connections will be amazing as well. 


DATES: Sunday, May 26; Sunday, June 23; Sunday, July 14; and Sunday, August 11
LOCATION: Will vary for each session.  

          FACILITATOR: Ellyn Ross 

NEW: Stroll & Kibitz

Time: 9:00 A.M.

DATES: Sunday, March 31 and Sunday, April 21

LOCATION: Will vary for each session.  

         FACILITATOR: Ellyn Ross

Foodies Unite! 

Join us as we enjoy restaurants across northeast Ohio. Some new, and some faves! 

TIME: 6:30 PM

DATES and LOCATIONS: Saturday, January 27 Hibachi; Wednesday, February 20, and Saturday, March 9.  February 20th we will be going to Zhug.  Please RSVP to Ellyn Ross for time and so that we have an accurate count as Zhug does not accept reservations.  

FACILITATOR: TBD! Let us know if you would be interested in leading this gathering; it's really easy and we'll give you all the support you need! 

Game Day/Night

Are you "board"? 3 bam 2 crack! Are you puzzled? You won't be Sorry! It is no Trouble for you to come! Do you need something to Monopolize your Saturday night? Let's Play Games!

TIME: 4:00 - 6:00 p.m.

DATES: Saturday, January 20; Saturday, February 17, and Saturday,March 16

LOCATION: TBD by group 

FACILITATOR: Andi Wasserman


We want to create a number of "one-time" gatherings.  Please contact Rochelle Arian if you are interested.


For couples or families who want to join a group together, each should sign up individually.   

Please email Rochelle with registration questions.

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