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How is this Passover different than last Passover?


From Shabbat’s infectious joy to Our Tent’s deep examination of Tikkun Olam, we found new ways to grow closer as a community.

From word clouds on the High Holy Days to thought-provoking conversations about Unorthodox, we found new ways to engage.

From making sacred spaces at home to accessing sacred music for our families, we found new ways to create meaning

From learning new technologies to adapting to a new rhythm, we found new ways to manage the seemingly unmanageable.

We’ve come so far, learned so much. This Passover will continue that journey.

As you scroll down, you’ll see five types of programs and resources …

1. Live Learning

March 4th, 7 PM

Bake-Along "Macaroons: Beyond Coconut & Almond"

Music Director, Deb Rogers, got creative with this Passover treat.

The recipe can be found here.  The online recording can be found here.  

March 7th, 7 PM

“Zoom Passover Take 2: Finding Meaning and Energy”

During this interactive zoom session with Rabbi Vann, we’ll gain knowledge about Passover, learn some virtual tips and tricks, and gain some much-needed energy for the festival.

Monday March 15th, 7 PM

Cook-Along “A Muffin can be Filling: Potato Kugel Muffins Easy and Perfect for Your Seder!”

Join our Director of Lifelong Learning, Rabbi Shana, as she puts her spin on this family favorite.  Have the list of ingredients below ready to go and cook along.  Or you can join Rabbi Shana live and watch her work, and then watch this recorded session again and cook at your own pace!  Either way you are sure to enjoy this delicious dish!

Click to get the recipe

INGREDIENTS: For 24 Potato Kugel Muffins: 3 eggs, 60 oz fresh shredded potatoes (if frozen,thaw), 12 oz chopped onion or one large onion chopped, 5 1/2 Tbsp potato starch or matzah meal, 2 1/2 tsp salt, 1/4 tsp pepper, oil or cooking spray for greasing muffin tins.

2. Kol Nashim Women's Seder

The Kol Nashim Women's Seder was on Sunday March 21st. What a beautiful evening of prayer, reflection, and community.

3. Haggadot

ST-KA’s list of Haggadot you can download or order for your family seder can be found here.

4. Prayers & Songs

To help you create sacred space at home and to plan for your celebration, Rabbi Vann recorded Introduction to Seder Prayers. You can watch this video on ST-KA's YouTube Channel.



Blessing Over Karpas (at the 38 seconds mark)

10 Plagues (at the 1 minute, 9 seconds mark)

Motzi Matzah (1 minute, 56 seconds mark)

Maror/Charoset (2 minutes, 46 seconds mark


Music Director Deb Rogers recorded several blessings and songs that you can watch on ST-KA's YouTube Channel.


Passover Candle Blessing

Passover Kiddush (Blessing Over The Wine)

Ha Lachma Anya - The Bread Of Affliction

Mah Nishtanah - The Four Questions

Avadim Chayinu - Once We Were Slaves

Bang, Bang, Bang!

Let My People Go

Pharaoh, Pharaoh (To The Tune Of Louie, Louie)

Miriam's Song

Dayeinu! (It Would Have Been Enough For Us)

Eliyahu Hanavi - Elijah, The Prophet

Adir Hu, "God Of Might"

Echad Mi Yodea (Who Knows One?)


5. Chometz & Mitzvah

There will be a one-day collection of chametz or other foods that you wish to donate to the food pantry.  Congregants may drop off bags of food at Temple from 8:30 - 4:30 on Thursday, March 25. 


Sun, December 5 2021 1 Tevet 5782