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Each year, we tell the story of the Exodus.  We reread the Haggadah; we learn and sing together.

Once again, this Passover will continue that journey.

As you scroll down, you’ll see programs and resources …


ST-KA’s list of favorite Haggadot you can download or order for your family seder can be found here.


Looking for cooking or baking inspiration? Check out some of ST-KA's Staff Favorite Recipes!

From Deb Rogers - Tired of those canisters of super-sweet macaroons? Try baking Deb's anything-but-typical, but not-too-complicated, Coconut Macaroons! Link to Deb's Video... link to Recipe. Enjoy!

From Brett Shankman - What do you get when you cross sweet potatoes, ginger, dried apricots, and matzo balls? Watch Brett's Video and check out his Recipe!

From John Farragher - John is known among the ST-KA staff for his tender and flavorful corned beef. In John's Video he shares his mom's secret! Spoiler: it's super easy - so easy that you won't need a recipe.

From Rabbi Shana Nyer - Potato Kugel is always a Passover favorite! But who wants to grate all those potatoes? Watch Rabbi Shana's video and use her Recipe to get perfect Kugel with crust for everyone!

From Smadar Lahav - Like no other Passover cake you've had! This popular Israeli cake made from chocolate, matzah, & Nutella - with hints of coffee & coconut - will be your new favorite! Recipe here.

Prayers & Songs

To help you create sacred space at home and to plan for your celebration, visit our YouTube channel's Passover Seder Playlist.


Rabbi Vann recorded an introduction to Seder Prayers:



Blessing Over Karpas (at the 38 seconds mark)

10 Plagues (at the 1 minute, 9 seconds mark)

Motzi Matzah (1 minute, 56 seconds mark)

Maror/Charoset (2 minutes, 46 seconds mark)


Cantorial Soloist Deb Rogers recorded several blessings and songs:


Passover Candle Blessing

Passover Kiddush (Blessing Over The Wine)

Ha Lachma Anya - The Bread Of Affliction

Mah Nishtanah - The Four Questions

Avadim Chayinu - Once We Were Slaves

Bang, Bang, Bang!

Let My People Go

Pharaoh, Pharaoh (To The Tune Of Louie, Louie)

Miriam's Song

Dayeinu! (It Would Have Been Enough For Us)

Eliyahu Hanavi - Elijah, The Prophet

Adir Hu, "God Of Might"

Echad Mi Yodea (Who Knows One?)


Fri, May 17 2024 9 Iyar 5784