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Our Tent Feels Different Because It's Built Differently

Moving beyond textbooks, Our Tent engages learners in conversations and immersive experiences helping life long learners lead richer Jewish lives. 

Our program for younger students, older students and everyone in between is innovative. It features peer and multigenerational classes fostering community, a variety of topics encouraging diverse perspectives and worship bringing everyone together. Lifelong learners delve into topics to gain a greater sense of mastery- leading to a richer sense of Jewish identity. 

Our Tent goes beyond its classes with opportunities beyond Sunday morning, with meaningful Shabbat experiences, a popular and transformational retreat, and a theme. Scroll down to learn about this year's theme, Mah Tovu Ohalecha: How Lovely are ALL the Sacred Spaces We Create Together.”


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Our Lifelong Learners Rave

Playing with LEGO bricks as we do in class is a child’s activity taken to an adult level to uncover and creatively express the meaning of mensch.

- Susan Gordon Merdler 

I am enrolled in Old Words; New Meanings. I picked this one in particular because of its focus on a feminist perceptive in viewing the Torah. I love the idea that we are creating our own midrash based on how women were viewed during biblical time

– Becky Streem

Our Tent is prayer and learning for all ages... Pick your class...and learn something new.

– Karen Schneiderman

The Cleveland Jewish News Agrees

The Cleveland Jewish News recognized the program in a feature article.


Middle School and Adult Agreement? Yup.

Click this photo to watch a middle school student's perspective...

...and click this photo to see a long-time member share her experiences...

Mon, May 23 2022 22 Iyar 5782