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At Suburban Temple – Kol Ami Consecration takes place at the beginning of kindergarten, or whenever a learner formally begins their Jewish education. The ceremony is held as on the Shabbat of Sukkot and is a lovely and meaningful for the learners, their families and the congregation alike. Our learners recite the Sh'ma (the declaration of the Jewish faith), are blessed by the clergy, and are given a certificate and a miniature Torah to remind them that Torah will always be part of their lives and is never far from their hearts.

Meet the 5781 Consecrants

Scarlet Houston

Lily Moyer

Max Moyer

Larissa Newberry

Dylan Richardson

Eli Richardson

Claire Zalevsky

Liam Zalevsky

Sh'ma: Consecration Choir 2020




Fri, April 23 2021 11 Iyar 5781