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Strengthening ST-KA: 2017 Annual Campaign

The festival of Sukkot is a major celebration.  Commemorating the fall harvest, we celebrate the goodness of all that we have to be grateful for.  We build Sukkot, temporary huts, that are reminders of the impermanence and challenges of life. 

So Sukkot is a classic example of, in Hebrew, gam v’gam, what we have AND what we don’t have.  We celebrate the bounty of our lives and give thanks, even as we recognize there is still a lot to do.

ST-KA celebrates and honors our bounty - gam, what we have. 70 years of history. A unique membership model. A revolutionary educational program. Dedicated clergy, board, and staff.  An engaged membership.

We also recognize - v’gam, what we don’t have. We don’t have enough annual income.  Our annual campaign, gifts above and beyond your membership commitment, are critical to meeting our annual operating needs.

As we celebrate Sukkot and our bounty (gam), we ask that you help us surpass our annual campaign goal of $36,000.  Gifts to the annual campaign may be designated to one of four budget areas - worship, education, building, and administration.

Please give generously by visiting the contribute page or calling the office to inform us of your gift.

For more information about Strengthening ST-KA: 2017 Annual Campaign, please contact Executive Director Brett Shankman.

Thank you.


What Your Donation Makes Possible:


Annual Rosh Hashanah Luncheon


One year live streaming of Kabbalat Shabbat Services


One day in Our Tent


Annual Pints on Purim Program


Annual stipend for one Our Tent madrich / madricha


Postage for monthly bulletin mailing


One Sunday Morning Breakfast in Our Tent

Mon, December 10 2018 2 Tevet 5779