Suburban Temple-Kol Ami is large enough to meet your needs and small enough to know your name.  Our membership is diverse in spirituality and religious practice, in their backgrounds and their vision of involvement.  We share a dedication to Jewish tradition, a sense of adventure and innovation, an acceptance of differences and an openness to one another.  We invite you to become a part of our extraordinary Jewish community!

Open Doors

OUR point of view is this: We believe that spirituality is defined individually, not universally. That money should never be a barrier to participation, but rather a personal expression of community. It’s a simple proposition. We didn’t invent it, we just believe it!

Torah Talk


“…You shall proclaim liberty throughout the land…”


This is the famous quote found written on the Liberty Bell, of course located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In the 1830s, the bell was adopted as a symbol by abolitionist societies, who dubbed it the “Liberty Bell.” By 1885, the Liberty Bell was widely recognized as a symbol of freedom and as a treasured relic of Independence.

The quote on the Liberty Bell is from Leviticus 25:10, this weeks’ Torah portion. The context of this verse is a teaching about the Jubilee. The Jubilee year is a sacred year: the fiftieth year, in which the land, and each person, would return to original home and their original owner or birthplace. It highlighted the concept that everything, ultimately, belonged to God, and that no human being should be in permanent servitude or poverty.

For the earliest of our American ancestors their dream of a land that could feed and serve all was their purpose and their mission. They connected with the land deeply, as our nascent nation was still agrarian, and for them, it was the key to a more just existence.

Today, the idea of Jubilee year as attached to the land is more removed for us: but the lessons remain true and important.

Just a few verses further in the Torah portion, a phrase appears, which is repeated twice: “Do not wrong one another.” We are not to harm another person in any way we approach commerce with each other. Let’s take this phrase and pull this out even one step further: these instructions are about moral living. Wronging each other in commercial transactions; taking care of the land in a holy way-these are all the creations of a sacred community.

Therefore, for us, today, what does it mean to “proclaim liberty”? In looking closely at this text, and choosing it to reside on one of our most beloved American symbols, perhaps our founding fathers were teaching us something very important. As Americans, we are far away from “proclaiming liberty throughout our land”: too many are hurting, without food or in poverty. Too many cannot emerge from debt.

Indeed, let freedom ring.


 ~ Rabbi Allison Vann

How to Say “Yes, and” to Inclusion

We are so proud of the work that Rabbi Nyer continues to do to make inclusion a central component of our educational strategy.  Congratulations Rabbi Nyer on the publication of your article “How to Say ‘Yes, and’” on the Union for Reform Judaism blog!




Friday, May 27, at 6 pm | Kabbalat Shabbat service | Livestream

Saturday, May 28, at 9:15 am | Torah Study Gries Library

Wednesday, June 1, at 6 pm | Vintage Meeting

Wednesday, June 1, at 7 pm | Kolot Kol Ami Rehearsal

Friday, June 3, at 6 pm | Kabbalat Shabbat service with Torah reading and Kolot Kol Ami | This is Bruce Shewitz’s last Shabbat with Kolot Kol Ami! | Livestream

Saturday, June 4, at 9:15 am | Torah Study Gries Library

Friday, June 10, at 6 pm | Kabbalat Shabbat service | Livestream

Saturday, June 11, at 9:15 am | Torah Study Gries Library

Saturday, June 11, at 6 pm | Shavuot Service and Dinner Join Rabbi Vann, Rabbi Nyer and Laura Lindauer for a meaningful evening of study, prayer, and connection in honor of Shavuot. We will embrace Torah, and remember our loved ones through study, dinner and community spirit. Please RSVP to Dale Hopkins at 216.991.0700 or dhopkins@suburbantemple.org.

Monday, June 13, at 7 pm | Annual Meeting Please RSVP to Dale Hopkins at 216.991.0700 or dhopkins@suburbantemple.org.

Tuesday, June 14, at 4 pm | Coffee, Tea, and We Panera at Harvard and Richmond

Wednesday, June 15, at 7 pm | Lifelong Learning Committee Meeting

Friday, June 17, at 6 pm | Kabbalat Shabbat service | Livestream

Saturday, June 18, at 9:15 am | Torah Study Gries Library

Sunday, June 19, at 11 am | Father’s Day at Progressive Field Pre-game chat with Indians President, Chris Antonetti at 11:15 am and Indians vs White Sox at 1:10 pm. Cost is $25 per person. Please RSVP to Dale Hopkins at 216.991.0700 or dhopkins@suburbantemple.org.

Thursday, June 23, at 7 pm | Executive Committee Meeting Gries Library

Friday, June 24, at 6 pm | Kabbalat Shabbat service | Livestream

Saturday, June 25, at 9:15 am | Torah Study Gries Library

Thursday, June 30, at 4 pm | Coffee, Tea, and We Panera at Harvard and Richmond | This is the last session until after the High Holidays!

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Our Mission

Suburban Temple-Kol Ami is a warm, welcoming Reform Jewish community building a vibrant Jewish future rooted in acceptance, spirituality, and creativity.

Our Vision

May we be like Abraham and Sarah’s tent, open to all who seek a Jewish community guided by Reform Jewish values, prayer, and life-long learning.


Services are held in the sanctuary. Kabbalat Shabbat services begin at 6 pm every Friday night.  The first Friday of every month features a Torah reading and our congregational choir, Kolot Kol Ami.

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To reach a member of our staff quickly, please call (216) 991-0700 or email info@suburbantemple.org.